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Your environment

Things around you can either benefit or hurt you

Everything that touches your senses has the potential of challenging the word of God in your heart and causing you to reject the word and settle for alternative, often uncomfortable yet tolerable, experiences such as: anxiety, stress, fear, disobedience, bad thoughts, or adverse thoughts. This behavior is called walking in the flesh. Walking in the spirit makes you free and creates a quiet, consistent behavior under any circumstance.

When you walk in the spirit while addressing problems, you create meaningful transformation. The transformation that takes place as a result of Christ, is definable, repeatable and can only happen because of this relationship. Change required by God comes from knowledge about Christ, His thoughts and ways of doing things.

Your thoughts have to be transformed by interacting with Jesus Christ during the event or situation, and not JUST ON YOUR KNEES. The Holy Ghost teaches you in the midst of the problem, like an apprentice and mentor relationship.  You learn, from him, how to best respond by listening, seeing and responding, and then observing the outcome. If the outcome did not produce a blessing, be honest with the Lord. Repent and try again to hear him and respond appropriately. The grace of God has you covered. Use that grace to learn his thoughts and his ways.

A child of God who is pursuing perfection in Christ Jesus has their senses exercised in righteousness because they are not relying on their own point of view, vantage point, or the way they see things in order to drive their understanding about that thing. When it comes to taking the word out of the heart, everything around you is suspect.