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Why change

Overcome the old man

Remember, things around you could work for or against you spiritually, depending on how you see them. Therefore, you must make an effort to see and define what is happening to you and become more aware of the things around you. Your thoughts working together with what you sense with your eyes, ears, smell, taste and touch merging together, affects how you feel; and that feeling directs your motivate and tells you what to do. 

You overcome your old man and form new responses by connecting what you are experiencing to dialog with Jesus Christ. "Lord this thing really hurts. I don't have clarity about what is going on, but I trust you and believe that what ever is going on is to help me answer this problem differently, so that sin does not reign over my mortal body and so that the outcomes from my hearing and responding to you in my life are blessings and not curses."

What I mean by engaging Jesus Christ is, learning the best ways to do things by praying and getting up and moving against the thing your afraid of or need relief from. Grace is available to every child of God who is deliberately creating meaningful changes in their life. This way, grace works along with the believer to open doors, create new opportunities and to provide a path forward in Jesus Christ. Grace is not meant to cover sin in the believer or behavior. The shedding of blood for our sins is already done. It cannot be reapplied. Christ will not die over and over again to create a path to heaven - it doesn't work that way. Making it to heaven is not about how much you obey leadership or follow the church doctrine. It is about transformations, dying to sinful behaviors, and being rewritten by Jesus Christ.

Meaningful change must become your banner, and walking with finely-tuned ears to hear and eyes to see Jesus Christ MUST become your DAILY garment. Engaging Jesus Christ means you are constantly changing and making the appropriate adjustments in how and what you do. Engaging Jesus Christ also causes you to know what is true. They will teach you his ways and you learn about his thoughts. Over time they become your ways and thoughts. Christ's testimony becomes your testimony. When people see you, they see, hear and sense change.