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Towards Spiritual Maturity

After receiving birth from above (Matt 8:16, Lk 5;6, Jn 3:4; Mark 16:17-18; Acts 1:8; 2:38), the next step is to grow spiritually from a new born babe to spiritual maturity (Heb 5:12-13; 1Pet 2:2). Growing spiritual is a process that includes changes in how you see or approach solving or making decisions.

Spiritual growth means perfecting Christ in you. The work of being perfected requires that you abiding in him which has its own rewards. The act of abiding in him, especially under stress, creates meaningful and specific changes (Jn 12:46, 15:4-7) affecting every part of your life (2 Co 12:9, Col 4:12, 2 Tim 3:17, Heb 13:21; Jas 1:4; Rev 3:2). Other references: (2 Co 5:17, Rom 6:6; Eph 4:22).

Because of Christ's experiences and sacrifice, trials and tribulations can be used to perfect the believer. Jesus Christ has made difficulties into a weapon for making believers into pure gold.

Note: Satan uses life challenges to undermind any potential for change. (see Mark 4th chapter) Christ has modified the century old behavior giving us the capacity to produce fruit in him.

Having been through the new birth, you should experience changes in these areas which should continue throughout your saved life:

  • Your thoughts (Romans 12:1-2, Psalms 94:11, Isaiah 55:9-9, Matthew 15:19, I Corin. 1:19)
  • Your Goals (Philippins 3:14, Habakkuk 2:2-3)
  • Your behaviors (Galatians 5:24)

Granted there will be challenges (Rom 7:) and it may be difficult sometimes to determine what is true. Sometimes what you've learned in church or while growing up will challenge what Christ is teaching you. There may be times when pain and suffering speaks louder than your faith.

Carrying those concerns to Christ, hearing his voice, and abiding in him (despite adversaries) is the only way truth is known. Proving everything through him is the only way to know Him and his ways. (Jn 8:31-32)


Engaging Jesus Christ - (Is 28:9-13, Psa 9:1, Jn 15:4-10, 1 Jn 2:24, 1 Jn 2:28) is the deliberate act of including Jesus Christ in everthing you do, such as, family interests, managing your finances, caring for your health, setting goals, making decisions, planning, changes in behavior, your actions and reactions, your experiences and etc. The purpose of this act is to learn Christ's ways and to learn how he responds under similiar circumstances. This requires the Holy Ghost (1 Cor. 2:14).

Perfection - is the finished work of Jesus Christ in one or more areas of your life.

The Holy Ghost - has many names, but is commonly known by what he does.

  • He is the Comforter
  • A Teacher in all things
  • Mentor, Spirit of, and Interpreter of truth
  • Wisdom of Christ
  • The Word

The Holy Ghost is the spirit of Jesus Christ sent to gather together the elect of Christ. No matter where they are scattered across the planet, the Holy Ghost is finding them, teaching them to observe and obey without compromise. The Holy Ghost is meant to dwell in us and to always be with us, in sickness, health, confusion and clarity, nothing can separate us from Jesus Christ, EVER!

Stammering lips and other tongues - Spiritual beings have language just like humans. Understanding their language requires an interpreter, which is the spirit of truth. The language of the Holy Ghost from the lips of a believer is best known for the sound it makes. Stammering lips, prophesied in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the new.


Praying is the act of talking (Jn 10:3, 8, 27) with Jesus Christ as you would another person (Mat 6:7).

  • Talking may include:
  • casting your cares on Him,
  • discussing a problem and determining how he would solve it,
  • asking him to bless another person,
  • trying to decide if buying a house is the right thing to do,
  • or having conversations about a challenge
  • describing your desires.

You do this because it's a requirement to remain in Christ (Pro 3:6).

  • 1Th 5:17 required to pray without ceasing
  • 1Ti 2:8 prayer everywhere

This would indicate an inclusive relationship (Col 3:17, Jn 15:4-7) where Jesus Christ is included at the helm (1 Jn 2:27) of everything you think about or do (Rom 12.2). It is impossible to please God when decisions are made outside His direct influence (Rom. 8:8).

Engaging Jesus Christ

The Lord himself gave me this word during a discussion about the believers perpectives.

During our dialog we were having discussions around St. John 15th chapter. I wanted to get his view of how I should see His words. He gave me the phrase Engage Him"

Our Definition:

Engaging Jesus Christ is similar to praying on your knees except it can be done in any position other than the knees. This would mean at work, driving your car, making decisions and etc. Your actually involved in something and talking with Christ about better ways of doing them. You could be dealing with a difficult situation; but the difference is your not alone and you are desperately ensuring the influences around you are not dictating your reactions and behaviors. Your focus is on responding in ways that please Christ.

Continuation of this lesson

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Part II - Moving Toward Maturity (coming next month)