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Spiritual growth

By Pastor William A King, Jr.

The outcomes from a intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is a person whose life is marked with distinct changes. Change is measurable. What you were and how you thought about things before you got saved, occupation, marriage, finances, people and so forth have been recreated in Christ.

What does spiritual growth look like? 

Image for a minute a person was a drug dealer before salvation. Their ideals about life, money, people and etc have been fashioned in a way that allowed them to sell drugs and survive that lifestyle. Once that person is saved, all of those behaviors and way of thinking needs to be proven, tested against and reshaped before Jesus Christ. Although being filled with the Holy Ghost creates a new nature in the person. It doesn't deal with all of the memories of the past. If the person does not carry them to God for change, their reactions and decisions can reflect thinking from the old man, the old nature. Most of the time, because this behavior and way of thinking existed their entire life, it becomes difficult to judge if a behavior or response to something is inappropriate. This is where the Holy Ghost comes in. Engaging Jesus Christ means carrying Christ into a situation as getting is perspectives about how to respond. The outcome will always point to Christ as the author and finisher of your faith.

Your life is a canvas and when your life is bought to an end on the earth Christ's signature must be written on your life. He has to author your behaviors while alive.

Most people who are unable to overcome sickness will eventually give up on being healed, trusting and believing that sickness is the will of God. 

The Jesus Christ came to deal with the old man and through the gift of the Holy Ghost he teaches us ALL THINGS, and all things are Gods.





Introduction to Spiritual Growth

  • What does it mean to grow spiritually?
  • What behaviors, reactions, responses and outcomes does a mature person produce?

I asked a question on Facebook about Spiritual maturity and what does that look like and most people were superficial in their response. Some were good. But what I learned from the answers is that most people characterize spiritual growth as something done to them. Most believe that spiritual growth comes from church attendance and participation.

In this lesson I will prove to you that God never intended that mean or institutions take the place of his Spirit, that is, the Holy Ghost and tongue speaking.