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Managing your finances

By Pastor William A. King, Jr.

This learning module on "Managing Your Finances" is not about proving if you should or should not pay tithes. It does, however, solve that problem and it answers both the question about proving God through financial management, and any challenge you have related to your money.

If you are on a fixed income, your income fluctuates, or you have steady income and want a simple way of managing your finances; this learning module is for you. Tithing or giving to others while on a fixed budget or when spending is out of control can be challenging, even more so when leadership places high emphasis on giving and your heart is in it, but your pockets don’t agree.

"My people perish for the lack of knowledge!"

Giving was introduced by God as a way of answering problems associated with sin in the flesh. If done properly, it will introduce experiences of compassion, and other rewards not obtained any other way. However, like all things that come from God the weight of such things are burdensome to our natural way of thinking and so, as in all things that belong to Jesus Christ, his word is changed to match our understanding.