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The Kingdom of this world

Satan and his systems

You are constantly being lied to and you should walk believing that Satan is trying to draw out of you the Word of God or any experience that would cause you to obey God.

Let's look at this world for a moment.

  1. The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.
  2. God destroyed the wisdom of this world when Christ was born.
  3. The world's systems and its academic world considers the Word of God, the crucifiction of his Son, the resurrection of the dead, and the sending of the Holy Ghost with the utterance of tongues as foolish things.
  4. God's ways and thoughts are not ours.
  5. We cannot know how God thinks about a paricular thing except through the Holy Ghost, who knows the mind and will of God.
  6. The natural man understands only natural things and is unable to please God. Paul says, he cannot see, hear, nor understand the things of God.
  7. The Holy Ghost is a bridge between us and the righteousness of God. Without him it is impossible to please God.
  8. The Holy Ghost was given to reshape our thinking and our ways.
  9. Interactions with the Holy Ghost should consumed our nature way of seeing and thinking about things and transform them into God's ways.
  10. God's signature should be visibly written on us showing that he is the author of our behaviors and the finisher of our faith.
  11. The natural thinking is an enemy of God, including eating as the world eats.