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Introduction to this learning module

Have you ever experienced having a bill due (or coming up due) and were unsure where the money will come from?

Has your church ever had a building fund project and you were left out because you had no money?

Have you ever had to decide whether to put gas in the car or food on the table or similar situations? 

This lesson is not about proving if you should or should not pay tithes, however; it does solve that problem, answers the question about proving God through financial management and it helps answer any call related to your money.  Read my article "To whom do you serve".

Jesus Christ sent the Holy Ghost to teach you to walk different than how you were raised, or how the world around you operates. The Holy Ghost will teach you all things so that you can walk in this life, pleasing God. 

Walking in ways that please God will give you the protections outlined in the Word of God. You cannot deviate one inch or the outcome will not be as expected. Even if your understanding wasn't clear but you listen and followed God, you will be blessed in proportion to your obedience. Mark 4th chapter.