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How to approach this lesson

Forget the past or behaviors that may have gotten you here. You cannot move forward with the right motivation or attitude if you are playing the blame game. You are a problem solver otherwise, you would not be saved. Salvation is filled with problem solving, finding the correct tools, resources and answers to helping you answer problems associated with sin in your life. Once you can answer that question, it is much easier to teach others. Amen!

If your not familiar with the principle of sowing and reaping, please read this article. It will answer questions of why you are where you are and how planting good seeds over time will out weigh any bad seek sown in your past. Its focus is teaching you how to create opportunites for spiritual growth, instead of being forced to grow.

Things that are precious such as gold, silver, or diamonds are authored by God. He created them to be admired for there beauty, respected and cared for... just like he did the trees, flowers, and creatures of the ocean, air and land.

Mankind has a natural tendency to change the glory and purpose for which God creates a thing. You cannot change the Word of God and not expect a response from him. Read my article on "Outcomes".

During my life time, there have been dozens of new and old theories or principles that teach you about money. Before I leave this body and after I am gone, there will be many more. But why so many? Read my article on "Common".

What I teach you here, if followed, will help you make better decisions. It doesn't increase your income, but it does position you to make better decisions so that you can decide if you need to spend money or not. You will be better informed about your money and the best ways to spend it.

Giving was meant to answer problems of the flesh, such as selfishness or self-centered behaviors. Read my article on "What's in giving". If you are unable to give to others you cannot benefit from the blessings that follow giving. If you cannot give then you cannot answer the sins that giving intended to answer. Although saved, you are left with behaviors that are selfish and self-centered.

Substituting what God has provided does not answer sin. It may satisfy our conscience and present certain expected behaviors and outcomes to men, but we've sinned against God. Substitutions will create experiences, as all things we interact with do, but they will never answer the problems of sin. You can never experience or create the wonderful experiences descrbed in the scriptures by walking in a way different from those described by God.

There is one truth, one doctrine, one God, and two laws from God. These two laws work in the earth to do Gods will. If a law of the land violates God's laws and we live by these laws, we will experience the same judgments that the world experiences. Read my article on "Two worlds".