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The Homeless

The Homeless

Homeless people begging for money can be a problem if you are living to please God and you see a situation where you have no idea what caused it. From the natural perspective, we think about many possibilities before we give. Did they end up like that due to drugs, drinking, or a lack of knowledge? As a child of God, should you think about them that way in order to give or should you think about them in a different way? 

The worst thing that you could do is offend God or the Holy Ghost by thinking about the poor in such a way that the response Christ wants from you towards them is not received by you, and your fallback response does not come from the Lord.

Yes, the homeless is part of God's creation and therefore you must respect God as their creator. The most powerful thing about you and I are that we do not own our thoughts. Everywhere we are influenced. Our responses and what we learn are encapsulated in our social environment. We are rewarded or punished in society if we are different. The system of reward and punishment is built into society.  You learned to act or respond to things from what is normal to your community.

The differences between what is normal in one city than another, is seen when a person from another state or country enters a social environment. Let's use a church as an example.

A person travels across the country to the US and visits another church. Not only will their appearance trigger a response from the congregates, but their behaviors and mannerisms may create challenges for the people that support the environment. Their perceptions about the visitor determines how they will respond. If it is a racist, insensitive environment, words could be spoken addressing the ethnicity of the person.

In my 40+ years of being saved, I have seen preachers on the east coast prejudge saints (from the same organization) who live in California based on their appearance, labeling them ungodly. This belief was applied to all believers in California. When I moved to Washington State I saw independence from doctrinal points of view and a genuine love for the Lord. I, myself, have grown in ways that would not have happened if moving to Washington didn't cause me to prove the Word of God.

What I learned over the years while living on the east coast did not work on the West coast. So, I begin a dialog with Jesus Christ asking why. His reply to me is that his Word is the same everywhere; it is our customs and social environments that influence or change the meaning and application of God's word.

While we see the importance of speaking the same things, approaching change by using doctrine or sitting others down and teaching them as opposed to grabbing them by the hand and mentoring them, is wrong.

Our experiences need change. Our thoughts need to be transformed and renewed after knowledge of Jesus Christ.

God bless you.

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