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Dealing with others

Dealing with other people

Interacting with other people can present many challenges. Answering how or what results can come from our responses can be difficult to answer if we have never had a particular experience or if you have never tried to be deliberate about solving it. You have to think about everything around you and ask what impact does this have on me spiritually; what kinds of experiences and growth can I expect?

Remember everything has the potential to challenge, pull on, or redirect your understanding about the word of God. When you were first filled with the Holy Ghost, your responses to issues or events in your life were not behaviors the church believed to be appropriate to their doctrinal beliefs. Time and learning the church doctrine helped shape your thinking about different things. It was not your engaging Christ about them and responding to him that created or introduced to you the appropriate responses.

You cannot grow spiritually in Jesus Chris with that approach to change, neither can that approach nor using doctrine or social behaviors help you solve problems or address issues as Christ would. Doing it the way Jesus would requires getting instructions directly from Jesus, and following him in the best way you understand him. Don't worry, the more you listen and respond, the better you will get at knowing the difference between your own thoughts speaking or Christ speaking. Look at the outcomes.

God sent two words into the earth. A blessing and a curse. Read Deuteronomy 28th chapter - your response answers one of the things mentioned in there. All experiences can benefit or challenge change in you. They can shift you from or extract any of the positive thoughts and experiences you have gained from your relationship with Christ, or even challenge outcomes that come as a result of obeying the Lord. The natural perception is so powerful that the Lord can send a blessing and your natural eyes will ignore it and remain focused on a different subject. You must learn to become a watchman. 

You cannot be a watchman or servant over God's people if you have not learned how that works. Neither can you be a leader of God's people if you have not learned by struggling through your own weaknesses, learning about how God applied compassion and mercy to your changes. That is how to navigate from grace to grace; change to change.

Here are some examples of how to respond to various situations.