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Creating meaningful change

By Pastor William A King, Jr.

In order to see God, understand his ways, and have his thoughts; you have to begin to do things differently.

You have to go after Jesus Christ and pursue his understanding and ways, so that they become your own experiences, knowledge and behaviors/ways. 

After you were filled with the Holy Ghost, some behaviors and thoughts about your life changed immediately, while others remained with you. The thoughts and the responses from your thoughts, become the things that testify against you. These are the things that other people can witness.

Trust me when I say this; the demon world is watching. While your behaviors are speaking for or against you, they can (at the same time) potentially work against you spiritually. How you respond to events or the things around you determines the blessings or curses that follow your actions.

Be not deceived, God cannot be blamed (mocked) for the outcome. What things you sow in your life, you will reap them.

What needs to be addressed are the behaviors that follow your thinking and produce outcomes that can cause new problems or support old ones and the continuation of suffering. Inappropriate responses to situations can work against you spiritually and potentially cause trials and tribulations that challenge the positive experiences you've gained in Christ. 

To being growing in Jesus Christ, your thinking has to change.

First, you need to think about every experience as a potential for spiritual growth. No matter how challenging or difficult the situation gets, it still works for your good, if and only if, you actually use the situation for spiritual growth. 

You have to approach every experience as an opportunity to learn a better way of doing or handling it. You should approach every situation where you are proving, disproving, and making meaningful changes as you listen to Jesus Christ. 

Approaching life in this way will create new thoughts and, because you are responding appropriately and examining the outcomes of those responses, they eventually become new behaviors in you that produce results that please God, as described in his word.