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j0434135Praise The Lord,

I bring you greetings in that matchless name Lord Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus Christ's sacrifice we have an opportunity and capacity to overcome problems.

We are constantly tested by our adversary the devil, that is why we are admonished to watch and pray constantly.

It can become difficult to see past your problems when we are suffering.  That's when you need a prayer partner to talk to God for and with you.


I have put together this prayer request form for you to submit your requests to me. Together we will speak to the Lord about your situations and for those you care about.

Please use this form freely. You may leave your contact information or the information of the person you are submitting the request for.

Please tell me exactly what you would like me to pray about. You can also join us in prayer daily see instructions by clicking here:

If you would like members of our ministry to pray, please indicate in your comment; otherwise your request will be private between you and I.


Pastor William A. King Jr.

Note: Due to hacking attempts we are rewriting how prayer requests are submitted to the site. Please be patient with us.

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